Vietnamese Christian Assembly of God Church is a growing, family-oriented church in Charlotte, NC.

Our Sunday morning service is bilingual. We sing both English & Vietnamese lyrics. Our message is translated each week, so everyone can understand God's Word.

Our children & youth participate in the Sunday morning bilingual worship. The children's & youth ministries are mostly in English, to ensure they can easily understand.

Whether you are new to Charlotte, new to the Christian faith, or just looking for answers in life, we welcome you to join us.


Worship - We gather in our services to worship God together & prepare to worship him throughout the week in our lives.

Evangelism - Both through spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ here in Charlotte & supporting missions outreach around the world, including in Vietnam.

Discipleship - We seek to grow in both our knowledge of God & our practical application of his Word to our lives.

Fellowship - We're not in this alone. God has designed the Church to be a community to support each other.

Service - We fulfill our mission as each person joins in to do their part in serving God in our community.